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4 Ways a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity March 27, 2020

East Oak Hill, Austin
4 Ways a Clean Office Can Boost Productivity, Austin, Texas

Every business should employ office cleaning services to ensure their buildings are sanitary and look presentable. However, a clean workplace isn’t just beneficial for your employees’ health; it may also improve their productivity. If you want to make your business as efficient as possible, consider wiping down the windows and vacuuming the carpets of your office.

How Can a Clean Office Boost Productivity?

1. Improves Natural Light & Clean Air

office cleaning services Austin TXHaving access to natural light enhances alertness while limiting eye strain. Have your office cleaning service regularly wipe down the windows to remove dirt and increase the sunshine in your building.

Plus, you can grow plants in the office if you have natural light. Greenery like rubber plants, palms, and aloe vera can remove carbon dioxide and chemicals like formaldehyde from the air and improve air quality. Cleaner air can foster better cognitive function in the office.

2. Boosts Morale

Cleaning can boost your staff’s mood. When people are in a better emotional mindset, they’ll be more likely to get straight to work. Clutter, dust, and dirt can increase stress levels, lower staff morale, and decrease productivity.

3. Limits Distractions

When the workspace is dirty, your employees may be easily distracted by the mess. Some may struggle to focus when the floors are discolored and the desks need dusting. Individuals may take time out of their workday to clean, wasting time that could be spent on job-related tasks.

4. Reduces Sick Days

Companies pay an average of 22% of their payroll to absent employees. When people call out sick, their tasks may come to a halt. Individuals who rely on them may not be able to complete projects, and client communications may go unanswered.

An office cleaning service will promote sanitation by mitigating bacteria and viruses that can affect your office. You can decrease the need for sick days by reducing the risk of catching a cold at work.


Businesses interested in promoting productivity should contact JK Commercial Cleaning in Austin, TX, for quality office cleaning services. The company has been family-owned for 25 years. They clean office buildings, churches, schools, restaurants, and more throughout central Texas. Call (512) 228-1837 or visit their website for information on their floor care, window cleaning, janitorial services, and more. 

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