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A Guide to Buying Plants vs. Seeds March 25, 2020

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
A Guide to Buying Plants vs. Seeds, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

New foliage is an excellent way to liven up your yard. You can select ornamental trees and shrubs to provide shade and visual interest, while blooming flowers add beautiful pops of color. No matter which type of plant you’re considering, you’ll ultimately have to decide whether to purchase plants or seeds. As you’re shopping through plant nurseries, here are some factors to keep in mind so you can make an informed decision.


Known as “transplants” or “starts,” baby plants have already achieved some growth. They’re commonly sold in plant nurseries in flats with four to six individual plants in each.

These established plants are ready to be planted directly into your gardens, where they’ll keep growing. For gardeners with busy schedules or those who have waited until late in a growing season to think about planting, starts are often a practical option.


plant nurseriesMany seasoned gardeners are drawn to seeds for a number of reasons. Plant nurseries often have a much broader range of seeds versus transplants to choose from, so this option may allow you to plant rarer varieties of flowers, herbs, and veggies. Seeds can also create higher yields for your money, as packets cost little but may have dozens of seeds inside.

Like transplants, seeds can be planted directly into your garden. Yet they often require a bit more nurturing in their early days. For instance, you may want to plant your seeds indoors first, so you can keep a close eye on their growth and prevent them from having to compete with weeds, heavy rains, or other outdoor obstacles.

Many seed and transplants can be grown either indoors in potted plants or outside, depending on the species.


Whether you’re looking for seeds, starts, or a combination of both, Hui Kū Maoili Ola Native Hawaiian Plant Specialists is your source for cultivating a beautiful garden. Located in Kaneohe, HI, this plant nursery has provided residential and commercial landscapers, businesses, and government agencies with more than 100 native Hawaiian plant species since 1992. Explore their list of services and products online, or call (808) 235-6165 to inquire about specific plants.

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