5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Hawaii Elements March 18, 2020

Hilo, Hawaii County
5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Hawaii Elements, ,

Living in a tropical paradise like Hawaii offers a variety of benefits, such as easy access to beautiful beaches and hiking trails as well as the warm, sunny weather. However, it also requires protecting your home from the elements, including humidity, salt air, and storms. Review tips for maintaining your home in the face of Hawaii’s toughest elements, including scheduling routine real estate inspections.

How to Safeguard Your Home From Hawaii Weather

1. Use Dehumidifiers & Fans

Prevent the mold, mildew, and wood rot associated with high humidity levels by using fans and dehumidifiers. Containing moisture levels also keeps insects like termites away to avoid structural damage. Depending on where you live, you may want to install a whole-house ventilation system to maintain good air circulation.

2. Request Pressure Washing Services Annually

real estate inspectionDon’t let salt and sand accumulate on your home’s exterior, which promotes corrosion and general wear. Schedule pressure washing services annually to blast away salt spray, sand, and other grime. You may also want to look into rust-proof exterior materials, such as vinyl siding and window frames, if you live near the beach.

3. Trim Tree Branches

Reduce storm damage by keeping up with tree trimming. Tree branches that extend over your home can fall on your roof during severe storms, resulting in shingle or tile damage that leads to leaks, rot, and mold. Tree branches also rub on and weaken roofing system components.

4. Consider a Metal Roof

Install a metal roof with weatherproof coating and interlocking panels if it’s time to replace your roofing system. Metal roofs are recommended for hurricane-proofing because of their longevity and ability to withstand high winds. They’re also fireproof.

5. Schedule Regular Real Estate Inspections

Maintain a real estate inspection schedule that checks on your home’s structural stability. The inspection typically covers the roof to ensure your residence is free of weak spots. Home inspectors also provide fortification tips, such as installing impact windows, and evacuation advice in the event of lava flow


If it’s time to schedule your home’s next real estate inspection, contact Akana Home Inspection in Hilo, HI. Serving the Big Island since 2014, they offer roof, electrical, plumbing, foundation, interior, and exterior inspections, among other services that keep your home safe and efficient. Call (808) 987-1243 today to make an appointment, or learn more about their inspection services online.

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