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The Importance of Mileage vs. Age for a Used Car March 6, 2020

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The Importance of Mileage vs. Age for a Used Car, Versailles, Kentucky

When buying a used car, you’ll likely encounter two schools of thought that can affect your decision. Some say that age should be the deciding factor, while others argue that it’s mileage. Here’s a closer look at some of the differences between age and mileage, as well as how to decide which is more important.


The quality of older cars depends on several aspects, the most important being maintenance. A well-maintained car will be a lot more reliable than one that’s been neglected or damaged. One advantage of proper maintenance is that there will be fewer parts in a car that will perform worse with age. You may notice issues with tires or other rubber components, or replaceable parts like batteries. Luckily, you can swap these out for working components without affecting the car’s performance or value.

As long as a car hasn’t spent too long sitting in a driveway without being used, and if you can’t find any obvious defects or damage, you’ll get a quality used car even if it’s a little older.


used carWhile the mileage won’t tell you everything about a vehicle, it’s still an important piece of information. Therefore, it should play a big part in what you decide to purchase. Not only is there a greater chance of damage or wear in a car with higher mileage, but thousands of miles’ worth of vibration and heat also affect the quality and longevity of the suspension and engine.

However, the way those miles were added to the vehicle, and how the previous owner cared for the car, is also important to understand. Cars which gathered most of their miles on long-haul highway trips are usually in much better condition than those that were mostly used in cities. Plus, just as with age, a car that was well-maintained for 50,000 miles will probably be more reliable than one that wasn’t for 10,000.

Which One Is More Important?

The truth is that neither is more important than the other. The best way to judge a used car is through understanding both age and mileage, and asking your dealer the right questions. The way a car has been maintained will affect its dependability and quality as much as age or mileage, so keep all three in mind when making your purchase.


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