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How to Successfully Network at a Leadership Retreat March 9, 2020

Kensington, 13
How to Successfully Network at a Leadership Retreat, 13, Maryland

When you’re looking for ways to expand your skills and meet like-minded individuals within your industry, signing up for a leadership retreat is an excellent option. As you participate in these unique networking events, consider embracing the tips below to maximize your time and build meaningful relationships. 

4 Networking Tips to Use at Leadership Retreats

1. Set Broad Goals

When walking into a networking event or workshop, you may be looking for a new job or focused on meeting individuals from one particular company. This drive to achieve one specific goal can impact your experience and the people you naturally gravitate toward.

Instead, set broad goals before going into your event. Work the room, introduce yourself, and remain friendly and open, as you never know who you’ll meet and what it will lead to. 

2. Find Value in Every Conversation

Leadership RetreatDuring the retreat or networking party, you may find yourself in conversations with professionals from all walks of life and in varying stages of their careers. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your company or practice and find valuable ways to collaborate and work together. Be creative as networking can lead to various outcomes, whether it’s referring patients, sharing job opportunities, or comparing tricks of the trade. 

3. Exchange Information & Follow Up

At the end of a great conversation, don’t hesitate to give a new contact your business card and information. When you receive a business card, find a reason to follow up after the event so you can deepen the relationship and successfully expand your network. If your new contact mentioned referring a patient or wanting to tour your facility, reach out to set up a time. 

4. Manage Your Online Presence

Before and during your leadership retreat, overhaul your social media accounts and online professional profile. Make sure they’re up to date, accurate, and provide pertinent details on your professional expertise.

This can include mentions of your degrees and ongoing educational pursuits and testimonials from happy patients or customers. Shy away from posts that could be considered negative or that could harm your career pursuits, such as imagery of you cutting loose at a bar or wearing revealing clothing. 



Are you a medical professional interested in joining a leadership retreat that will provide valuable networking opportunities and a chance to enhance your career? If so, Metro Collaborative™ is the perfect resource. Based in New York City, this organization specializes in business coaching services and holistic workshops geared toward fostering collaboration so you can enhance your own practice. To discuss their upcoming events, call (609) 876-9163. For more information on their services, visit their website. 

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