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4 FAQ on Wet Basements March 13, 2020

Fair Haven, New Haven
4 FAQ on Wet Basements, New Haven, Connecticut

If your basement is unfinished, you may have noticed moisture accumulation in the area. When homeowners don’t work with general contractors to prevent water infiltration, several issues can develop in their basements. Here’s more information about this to help you find a solution.

What to Know About Wet Basements

What makes a basement wet?

A wet basement has not been waterproofed, insulated, or finished, and is often exposed to excessive moisture from the surrounding earth. It might also lack proper drainage, such as a floor drain or sump pump, which could pose risks of water damage when it rains or snows.

What are the problems associated with moisture?

Signs of a wet basement are usually in plain sight. Look for water stains on the walls or the floor, or mold growth around the windows. A wet basement often has musty odors, which may also indicate mold growth. In a phenomenon known as efflorescence, salt deposits can also form wherever water has sat and dried. This issue can cause paint to chip and flake.

How does this impact home value?

Evidence of a basement flood or standing water can turn off potential buyers. Many realtors advise their clients to work with general contractors to improve the conditions of their basements before putting their homes on the market.

general-contractor-basement-CTMaking the necessary improvements to keep the home dry will allow you to sell your home at a higher price. You can also choose to finish the basement completely, adding an additional living space and further increasing the value of the property.

How can you make a wet basement dry?

Drying out a damp basement can be difficult, especially if the home was built on clay or thick soil, which tends to hold rainwater and snowmelt. Luckily, general contractors provide a range of solutions. 

These may include the installation of a sump pump to redirect water outdoors after a flood, or floor drainage systems inside or outside the basement. Insulating the walls can also help keep moisture and condensation out.


If you want to finish your basement to prevent moisture accumulation, turn to the general contractors at Santoro Home Improvements in Hamden, CT. No two home solutions will be the same, which is why these experts carefully evaluate all properties before offering solutions. Call (203) 287-9787 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online for more information about their services.

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