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A Guide to Swimming Pool Wiring Safety March 5, 2020

Gateway, Dayton
A Guide to Swimming Pool Wiring Safety, Dayton, Ohio

As winter turns to spring, more people will be cleaning their pools and getting them ready for the summer months. Before entering the water, you may want to add lights and other electrical features to your pool. Since electrical wiring installation can be dangerous, you need to be prepared and understand the threat electricity could cause.

Safety Requirements

The importance of proper electrical wiring installation can’t be understated, as there is a severe risk of electrocution, serious burns, or even death. Every state has specific laws for electrical wiring around water sources to protect yourself and your family. For example, the installation needs to be at least 22 ½ feet above water level, which includes broadband wiring and communication systems, with diving boards having less clearance of 14½ feet.

Electrical connections made to and around water require multiple levels of off switches in case another appliance enters the water. This also ensures that no one electrocutes themselves when touching an outlet. This is where the GFCI outlet comes into play.

Importance of GRCI systems

electrical wiring installationThe ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a rectangular box that has two places to plug devices into, similar to a typical outlet found in your home. What makes GRCI different is that one line connection is fed from your electrical panel, while the other is called the load connection. This central hub protects all devices from water. For example, if you dropped an iron in the water that was attached to a GRCI outlet and then grabbed it, the electrical current would stop, and the appliance won’t electrocute you.

Where They’re Needed

GRCI systems don’t need to be all over the house. If any outlet is within 6 feet of a water source, like in bathrooms, basements, or around large bodies of water like a swimming pool, you should install a GRCI for extra protection. They are required by law to be near your pool.


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