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3 Signs of Foundation Issues March 12, 2020

Chillicothe, Ross
3 Signs of Foundation Issues, Chillicothe, Ohio

Foundation problems can creep up on you, especially if you’re not looking for them. They can quickly grow into more significant issues, so it’s essential to identify them. However, some may be so severe that the demolition of the old property may be necessary. Here are a few signs that there are critical issues with structural integrity. 

How to Spot Foundation Issues

1. Sagging Ceiling & Floors

Warped floors and ceilings can be a warning sign that your house has difficulty staying upright. As the foundation moves, it pulls apart support beams and compact walls. These subtle shifts can cause the weight of the home to sit at an angle in certain spots. If you notice a slanted floor, hire a professional to bring the house back up from the ground.

2. Mold

demolitionGaps in between windows, the front door, and within the basement could be a sign of a sinking home, but not always. Determine whether the windows or doors have gaps because they were installed incorrectly or because the foundation is moving, which pulls apart at these gaps. With mild sinking, a caulking gun can seal cracks, but they can get out of hand if sinking becomes severe.

3. Musty Smell

It isn’t an immediate sign of foundation issues because most unfinished basements naturally have this odor. It’s more likely a plumbing issue if you notice moisture seeping through cracks in the foundation where pipes are present.

Blocked basement gutters are a major culprit or a sinking home that is difficult to prevent even when the house is appropriately leveled. Demolition of the property may be required if gutters consistently become full.


If your home’s foundation is so severe that demolition is the only option, work with the residential professionals at Gillum Excavating and Demolition in Chillicothe, OH. For more than 50 years, this local family-owned company has helped homeowners with multiple improvement projects by using the tools and experience necessary to demolish and clear lots safely. Visit their website to learn more about their services, or call them today at (740) 773-3425 to schedule an appointment.

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