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4 Signs You Have Bedbugs February 28, 2020

Maineville, Warren
4 Signs You Have Bedbugs, Maineville, Ohio

Though bedbugs aren’t usually dangerous or transmit diseases, they can be a nuisance to deal with and remove. Females can lay hundreds of eggs, which can develop into adults in as little as a month. Be on alert for signs of a bedbug problem, listed below.

What Are Common Signs of a Bedbug Problem?

1. Itchy Red Bites

One of the most noticeable symptoms of a bedbug infestation shows up on your skin. Bedbug bites are small, red, and itchy, and form in a line or clusters across your skin. They’ll show up on areas that are exposed while sleeping, like your arms, shoulders, neck, and face.

To deal with bedbug bites, try to avoid scratching, and keep the affected areas clean. Place a washed, moist cloth on the bites to reduce swelling and alleviate itching. However, some people don’t physically react to bedbug bites, which is why it’s essential to check for other signs.

2. Stained Bedding

bedbugsCheck your bedding for small bloodstains that look like tiny rust spots. The stains can come from squashed bedbugs that are full from feeding. They may also come from your bites, which can draw blood when you scratch them. Sometimes these small, brownish-red spots aren’t actually bloodstains but bedbug exoskeletons that were shed. In some instances, they’re fecal stains that bedbugs leave behind. 

3. A Musty Odor

An unpleasant, musty scent similar to a filthy locker room or dirty, wet towel may be a sign of bedbugs. This is due to the pheromones that bedbugs release, which has a strong smell when they’re gathered in large numbers. 

4. White or Dark Spots Elsewhere in Your Home

Contrary to their name, bedbugs don’t just infest your bedding, but also elsewhere in your home. If you notice small, white spots in the joints of your sofa or chairs, those are likely eggs. Small, dark spots on your walls or under furniture are possibly fecal stains from bedbugs.


When bedbugs have invaded your home, it’s time to call a professional to tackle the problem. Some bedbugs can be resistant to DIY treatments, and if you’ve never dealt with an infestation before, you may not cover all the affected areas. Leave it up to BUG-A-PEST, LLC in Maineville, OH. This family-owned and operated pest control company has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Call (513) 459-7700 for more information or view the services they offer online.

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