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HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections 101: Questions to Ask Before Buying or Selling November 2, 2015

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HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections 101: Questions to Ask Before Buying or Selling, Dallas, Texas

Getting ready to buy or sell a house? Consider the expert home inspectors at HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections your new best friends. A house inspection is a wonderful tool to take full advantage of, as it allows you to make more out of your investment. Our home inspectors offer the objective, detailed, professional inspection you want and need to avoid stressful, expensive surprises.

Check out a few key questions to ask yourself before buying or selling courtesy of this premier house inspection service:

Before Buying

  • Will I Be Living Here Long-Term: If you’re planning on living in your purchase for at least a few years, you’ll want to utilize home inspection services first, particularly in regards to potential safety and maintenance issues.
  • What Is This Property Worth: A house inspection will also help you determine the worth of the property in today’s market. The home inspectors at HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections provide maintenance tips and other helpful advice so you enjoy a higher return on investment when it comes time to sell.

  • Is The Asking Price Flexible: Determining the seller’s pricing flexibility should also be given consideration. A house inspection allows you to point out what the house needs in terms of maintenance and updates, which generally helps lower the asking pricing.

Before Selling

  • Can I Truly Afford It: Commissioning a house inspection will help you decide if you really and truly can afford to move. An inspection will clearly outline what you have to do to your current residence to make a profit, which you’ll compare to the price of the house you wish to buy.
  • Do I Really Want To Move: A house inspection may make it obvious that you’re happy where you are and would prefer to make updates and other changes over the next few years before selling.
  • Am I Selling My House For What It’s Worth: Your house inspection also offers that competitive edge, as it points out repairs and otherwise helps ensure you’re selling your property for what it’s really worth.

Don’t make the mistake of forgoing house inspection before buying or selling. Discuss your needs with the talented team at HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections today and make certain you’re doing all you can to protect your investment or invest in the right piece of property.

For more on home inspection services, please contact HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections at (972) 921-8159 or visit their website today.

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