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Do’s And Don’ts When Your Home Has Water Damage March 11, 2020

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Do’s And Don’ts When Your Home Has Water Damage, Shenandoah, West Virginia

Water damage can happen unexpectedly to any home or business at any time, and a fast response is crucial to avoiding long-term repercussions such as mold or loss of possessions. Water damage restoration is often needed to protect and repair appliances, furniture, walls, and ceilings. Consider these do’s and don’ts if you experience water damage.


Shut off the water if plumbing fixtures are to blame.

If a pipe or water line bursts, it’s important to stop the flow of water as soon as possible. Otherwise, a continuous stream of water can flood more areas and potentially damage more of your belongings. Find the main water shut-off valve allowing the flow and shut it off. Shut-off valves are often located near water heaters, under the kitchen sink, behind toilets, and in basements. 

Turn off the electricity.

water damage restorationFor safety reasons, you should hire a professional to disconnect the power to your home if the water is near electrical outlets or wires or if appliances are sitting in water. If it’s safe to do so, turn off the circuit breaker to prevent electricity from reaching outlets. 


Use a vacuum to remove water.

While you should try to remove as much water as possible, you can damage your vacuum by using it to suck up water. Doing so can create a perfect environment for mold to grow inside your machine, and you risk electrical shock by using an electrical device around water. Water damage restoration companies have special water removal tools that are designed for safe and efficient water removal. 

Wait to call professionals.

Water that sits in one place for long periods can cause serious damage to most items. Damp carpet, cabinets, flooring, and furniture should have water removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, they can experience deterioration, mold, and warping. Water remediation companies have teams ready and willing to respond within 24 hours to emergencies.


Residents of eastern West Virginia, south-central Pennsylvania, central Maryland, and northern Virginia will find expert water removal services from the team at Blue Ridge Property Restore. For more than 10 years, they have specialized in water damage restoration for both homes and businesses. To request a free estimate, call (304) 262-8100 or visit them online to learn more about their disaster cleanup services.

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