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5 Benefits of Having a Pig Roast at a Wedding April 14, 2020

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5 Benefits of Having a Pig Roast at a Wedding, Hebron, Kentucky

When it comes to weddings, food is one of the main ways the happy couple can thank guests for attending their special day. So if you’re stuck on what to serve your friends and family members, consider choosing a pig roast. Here’s why this unique meal option will be sure to impress your guests.

Why Your Wedding Should Have a Pig Roast

1. Smells & Tastes Amazing

The best dining experiences treat multiple senses. Not only will the savory, succulent meat of a roasted pig taste incredible, but it’ll also smell amazing and get your guests excited for the meal. With all-around terrific flavors and enticing aromas, it’s a truly mouthwatering pick for wedding catering.

2. Wonderful for Any Size Guest List

Figuring out your guest list is one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning. Whether you need to narrow it down or push stubborn relatives to RSVP, it can be tough to get a final count for wedding caterers. Having a whole roasted pig allows for more ambiguity. No matter how big or small your list ends up being, it will serve your guests perfectly.

3. Makes Your Wedding Stand Out

pig roastStandard wedding meal choices of steak, fish, and chicken are appealing and popular for a reason. But when guests come to expect these options at every wedding, it may be time to choose something different. Pig roasts will help your wedding stand out from the rest, and the unique experience and delicious taste may even convince a few others to follow your lead in the future.

4. Excellent Outdoor Option

If you’re aiming to give your guests some fresh air during the reception, a pig roast is perfectly suited for your wedding. Everyone is already outside, so why not bring the cooking out as well? They’ll get to smell the progress and get their plates faster than they would out of the kitchen. Even if your reception is indoors, bringing the food in from outside works just as well.

5. Less Mess to Clean

A pig roast will ultimately result in a smaller mess to clean up. Inside, you need to worry about spills and stains on expensive carpeting and nice tablecloths. These accidents are less of a concern when everyone’s eating outdoors. You’ll have less to clean after the reception and more time to continue celebrating with friends and family.


Wow your wedding guests and celebrate your new marriage with a pig roast from Lother’s Catering. Serving the Greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky area for over 40 years, this catering company will help you design an exceptional meal you and your guests will never forget. With on- and off-site catering, excellent customer service, transparent pricing policies, and a wide variety of menu and serving options, they’re the go-to caterers for every occasion. Browse their menus for cookouts and pig roasts online. To learn more about catering services or schedule a free consultation, call (859) 689-4030.

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