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What to Know About Neuromas & Foot Pain March 20, 2020

Norwich, New London
What to Know About Neuromas & Foot Pain, Norwich, Connecticut

While there are many potential sources of foot pain, one that can be especially frustrating to deal with is a neuroma. These painful nerve tumors can result in significant pain, even when there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with your foot. Here is what you should know about this condition.

What Causes a Neuroma?

Neuromas are formed when the tissue thickens around a nerve connecting to one of your toes. This benign growth results in a pinched nerve that causes pain, numbness, or even a burning or tingling feeling in the ball of the foot, as well as between the affected toes. It may also sometimes feel like the affected individual is standing on a pebble.

foot painA neuroma typically results from deformities of the foot (such as being flat-footed), as well as irritation, trauma, or repeated stress affecting a particular area of the foot. Repetitive trauma from certain athletic activities can cause this problem, especially if you wear tight shoes. High heels are also believed to contribute to this condition.

Treating a Neuroma

There are several options to relieve this type of foot pain. If caught early, the condition may decrease on its own simply by wearing wide, thick-soled shoes instead of tight ones. A foot doctor will prescribe custom shoe inserts to provide arch support for flat feet. They may also prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and tape or pad parts of the foot to relieve pain. 

If these other methods fail, foot surgery could be needed. This outpatient procedure removes the inflamed nerve to eliminate the problem and usually requires a few weeks for a full recovery.



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