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What a Turkey.... October 26, 2015

West University, Austin
What a Turkey...., Austin, Texas

No, I’m not talking about the restaurant owner who fired a 75 year old grandmother who worked as a cook earning a modest $12/hour...after her daughter went to work for a competitor—and then sued to block her from working at another restaurant. (I’m not making this up. I swear.)

Nor am I talking about Scott Hendler who had a debilitating allergic reaction after a home invasion by a pack of raccoons (although that was pretty pathetic).

I'm not even referring to our close friend Jason Snell (but anyone who knows him would understand your confusion.)

Nope. I’m talking about what a Turkey…

means to a family at Thanksgiving that can’t afford to buy one.

As she has done every year for the last twenty years or so—as long as anyone who knows her well can remember—HLF Partner Lulu Flores has begun her quiet, selfless work to try and lessen that burden for 60 deserving families. Although she'd be the last person to tell you about it, we think you might like to read the story. 

It began last Sunday morning when she got up and went to meet the new store manager at Fiesta. Fiesta has traditionally and generously made the turkeys available at great price. But since there was a management change, Lulu didn’t want to take anything for granted. The new manager seems like he’ll be as great to work with as his predecessor. (If you have a chance, thank Fiesta for their generosity by doing some grocery shopping there—and take a moment to say thanks to the manager. You have no idea how much he would appreciate it.)

Lulu's next job will be assembling all the other delicious things she adds to the Thanksgiving baskets—boxes really, because a basket wouldn’t hold everything. If you’ve ever planned a Thanksgiving meal for your family, even a small family, you know the work involved. Now, imagine doing the shopping to prepare 60 of those meals—Right? That’s what I thought! How do you even go shopping for 60 of everything? With a very big grocery cart, that’s how. And lots of patience. And money.

Lulu spearheads this effort for the Hispanic Bar of Austin in partnership with the South Austin Neighborhood Center and volunteer help from the Chicano/Hispanic Law Students of UT Law. But the financial help they can afford to give is not always enough. If all of our friends came together and made modest contributions to this effort, we could do more. Some of you have been generous in the past.  And we hope you'll help Lulu and the HBAA assemble meal baskets that might have enough to feed those families more than one meal over the Thanksgiving holiday. Each of these families really benefit from this small act of kindness. Make no mistake—not one of these families wants to have to ask to qualify for one of the Thanksgiving baskets—any more than you or I would want to. These are not people trying to get over on the system; they are people trying to overcome obstacles that are overwhelming. Families with children. Families struggling to get by. 

Lulu will work her magic this year as she does every year. And Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC will have her back this year as we do every year. But if you want to make those meals a little richer, a little sweeter, for each of these deserving families, if you want to pay it forward, here’s your chance. In the eloquent words of our friend Roy Spence, "Acknowledge that you were blessed...and find a way to pass that blessing on." If you want to join us, make a donation here. And then look in the mirror, point your finger at the reflection and say, “Well done Captain Marvelous. Well done.”