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How to Maintain Hardwood Floors April 23, 2020

Odessa, Ector
How to Maintain Hardwood Floors, Odessa, Texas

Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful but it can last for decades. However, it is also susceptible to environmental factors and general wear and tear. To keep your floors looking their best for years to come, adhere to the following best practices.

3 Ways to Keep Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Good as New

1. Use Protective Pads & Mats

Prevention is better than a cure. Buy felt pads that stick onto the bottom of furniture to prevent them from scratching your floor.

Rugs and mats also offer excellent protection. Place them in high-traffic walkways and areas that are prone to spills, like bathrooms and kitchens. However, confirm that the ones you like are suitable for hardwood flooring—some trap dirt and moisture underneath, which can stain or warp boards.

2. Vacuum Weekly

Vacuuming prevents tiny bits of grit or stone from scratching your floors. Before you begin, give the floor a quick wipe with a microfiber mop to lift the bulk of the dirt and prevent the machine from scratching the floor. When you vacuum, use a soft-head brush attachment to avoid damage.

hardwood flooringAs you move around your home, check your vacuum’s wheels aren’t dragging anything along that can damage the wood. Remember to vacuum under mats to get whatever may be trapped underneath them.

3. Mop Monthly

Buy a floor cleaner specific to your wood type and its finish. In most cases, it will come in a bottle with a spray nozzle so that you can wet the mop head directly. To avoid abrasions, you should also choose a mop with a soft, microfiber head.


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