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What Are the Perks of Variable-Speed Air Handlers? April 9, 2020

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What Are the Perks of Variable-Speed Air Handlers?, Thomasville, North Carolina

Whether you need to install a heating and air conditioning unit in a new home or replace your existing one, you’ll want a dependable product that ensures optimal indoor comfort. HVAC systems with variable-speed air handlers offer a variety of practical benefits that make them worth the investment. Here’s a closer look at why you should opt for this feature.

4 Advantages of Variable-Speed Air Handlers

1. High Efficiency 

Whereas traditional HVAC systems run at one speed, variable-speed air handlers run on several different settings depending on the amount of air your home needs. As a result, your heating and air system won’t need to cycle as frequently or use as much power, which results in energy savings and lower utility bills.  

2. Consistent Indoor Temperatures

Traditional HVAC units force air into your home at one speed, which may noticeably change the temperature and result in warm or cold spots. Variable-speed air handlers gradually increase and decrease the speed at which air moves, creating a smooth transition to different temperatures.

3. Less Noise

HVACRunning at lower speeds makes them quiet and less distracting than traditional HVAC systems. Since they don’t cycle as frequently, you likely won’t be disturbed when your unit turns off and on while you sleep or work at home. 

4. Longer Life Span

Not needing to run as often to keep your home comfortable means less wear and tear over the years. This may significantly lengthen your system’s life span and spare you the expense of excessive repairs or a premature replacement.


When you’re ready to upgrade to an HVAC system with a variable-speed air handler, contact the team at Comfort Tech Heating and Air Conditioning. They offer installations, preventative maintenance, and repairs to homes and businesses throughout Thomasville, NC, and the Piedmont Triad area. Call (336) 472-5858 to get an estimate on a new unit and book a service appointment. Mention the website to get $20 off service.

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