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4 Tips for Childproofing Your Kitchen May 4, 2020

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4 Tips for Childproofing Your Kitchen, Port Jervis, New York

If your child is starting to get old enough to walk, it’s time to childproof your home. This is important so you can protect them from any sharp objects, large furniture pieces, or equipment they could get their hands on. One of the most important rooms to pay attention to is your kitchen. To childproof, all you’ll need is a keen eye and a few items from the hardware store. Below, learn how to make your kitchen a safe space for your child. 

How to Childproof Your Kitchen

1. Purchase Appliance Locks

Children see their parents frequently open and close the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher, so they may think that they can do so too. However, these spaces can be dangerous for your toddler. Items may fall out of the fridge onto their heads, or they might hurt themselves on sharp objects put in the dishwasher. You can get appliance locks at the hardware store that will keep your child from getting into these appliances without making it difficult for you to access your items.

2. Make Corners Softer

As children are learning to walk and play, they’re going to have some trouble keeping their balance. This is why it’s so important that you soften any hard corners in your kitchen. The most likely culprit will be the corners of the kitchen counter or island. Purchase some soft guards at the hardware store to keep their heads safe while they are running around.

3. Create a Baby-Safe Cabinet

hardware storeYour toddler might want to be near you while you cook, and it will be hard to keep them occupied if everything in the kitchen is off-limits. It can be a smart idea to make a drawer or cabinet that contains only baby-safe items. This could include plastic bowls, wooden spoons, tupperware, and other safe items that a baby might like. You can also include a refrigerated drawer that contains some juice boxes, water, and easily opened snacks. Providing them with these items might keep them from trying to search other areas of the kitchen.

4. Keep Your Child Away From the Trash

Buy a trash can with a secure lid from the hardware store, and make sure it latches. If your child is able to, they might try to go through the trash. This can be very dangerous if they get their hands on something toxic, sharp, or inedible.


Berthiaume’s Neversink Lumber Co in Port Jervis, NY, is a family-owned hardware store and lumberyard. They’ve been serving the community for over 60 years with a wide inventory. They stock babyproofing materials, as well as tools like drills and screwdrivers to install them. Visit their website or call (845) 856-5161 with any questions.

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