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How to Check Your Home for Storm Damage July 21, 2020

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How to Check Your Home for Storm Damage, Moriches, New York

Storms cause all kinds of damage, and nor’easters are especially known for their ferocity. After extreme weather, it’s essential to check how well your home’s roofing, siding, and other exterior features fared. If you have to make an insurance claim, submitting comprehensive and accurate information quickly will help speed the process along. Here’s how to thoroughly inspect your home for storm damage.

4 Key Areas to Check After a Storm

1. Roofing

Your roof is responsible for taking the brunt of the impact during a storm. Heavy winds fling debris against it, sometimes for hours at a time. Loose or missing shingles are to be expected, so, from the ground, document any vacant spaces and get these fixed to keep your roof watertight. If you have a chimney, look for hairline fractures. These are common and can have serious ramifications if allowed to spread.

2. Gutters 

roofingGutters often take storm damage. They’re not very heavy, so strong winds can pull them away from their fixtures. If they’re full of debris and excess rainfall, they could collapse under the extra weight or become blocked and unable to divert water effectively.

Even if your gutter guards prevent debris from getting inside, walk around your house to inspect your gutters to be safe. Look for any piping that is sagging or leaking from the middle.

3. Siding 

If a tree branch hits your home during a storm, it can leave cracks, dents, or holes in your exterior siding. This exposes your insulation, foundation, and interior to potential water damage. When you check your walls, inspect them at different times of the day and from different angles. Damage is easy to miss if you don’t catch it in the right light. 

4. Windows

A small chip in a window weakens the glass. Once it’s weak, it won’t take much force to cause the whole pane to shatter. Check each window to make sure no glass has come loose inside the casement and get any small nicks or cracks fixed.


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