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3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Theft April 2, 2020

Rochester, Rochester, NY
3 Ways to Protect Your Business From Theft, Rochester, New York

Strong locks and a comprehensive commercial insurance policy offer your business a measure of protection against theft. But these should only be two components of your security plan. Theft is a serious issue that can impact your bottom line, jeopardize the safety of your employees and customers, and result in property damage that requires the business to close until repairs are made. Here are a few essential elements that will increase your business's theft protection.

How to Secure Your Business Against Theft

1. Install Security Cameras

Place security cameras in all areas of your business that see routine customer and employee traffic. This includes aisles, checkout lanes, office spaces, entrances, and exits.

Also, mount cameras in places where people may be more prone to conceal themselves and the stolen items, such as hallways, corners, and behind large counters or displays. Make certain you or someone on staff routinely monitors the captured footage.

2. Light Up Your Workplace

commercial insuranceA well-lit business is more secure. People will be less tempted to steal if they have bright lights on them wherever they go in the building. After hours, lights should never be switched completely off. Dimming them slightly or turning off every other bank of lights can be enough to deter a burglar. Keeping lights on is also a smart business move for a retail establishment, as you're advertising even when the place is closed.

3. Train Employees in Anti-Theft Procedures

Your employees are often the first line of defense between your business and thieves. Give them thorough training in anti-theft protocols and procedures. Teach them to spot signs of shoplifting—for example, customers who are lurking, wearing baggy clothes, avoiding eye contact, or excessively fidgeting or sweating—and the proper steps to take, such as alerting a manager and calling the police. If theft occurs despite your best practices, commercial insurance can serve as a safety blanket.


A commercial insurance policy is central to your business's protection from theft. Consolidated Agency Inc offers personal and business coverage for customers in Rochester, NY, and throughout Monroe County. They offer home, auto, motorcycle, and business insurance, as well as umbrella policies. Call (585) 467-4110 or visit them online to request a quote. Go to their Facebook page to learn more.

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