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A Basic Guide to Burial Vaults April 1, 2020

Martinsburg, Berkeley
A Basic Guide to Burial Vaults, Martinsburg, West Virginia

While making funeral arrangements or preplanning, you’ll need to decide whether to use a burial vault and what kind you’d like. This is separate from your choice of casket, and many people find using a burial vault comforting. Here’s what you need to know about your options.

What Is a Burial Vault?

A burial vault is a concrete outer burial container that surrounds the casket when it’s buried. Vaults must be lined, and the lining can be made from asphalt, metal or plastic. The lid of the vault also seals.  The box itself is much more sturdy than a casket. A similar structure without the lining or sealing lid is called a grave box or grave liner.outer burial container.

Why Use a Burial Vault?

Burial VaultsA vault provides several benefits. First, it helps keep water and insects out of the grave, which preserves the casket. By protecting the casket from the weight of soil, people, and even lawn mowers and digging equipment above it, the vault prevents the casket from breaking and the soil above it from settling. This keeps the entire grave in the best possible condition.

Available Options

Before you choose a vault, check with your cemetery regarding their rules. You may be required to use one, and there might be minimum standards for the type and specifications. In addition to choosing a lining material, you may have the option to choose either a basic box or a thicker, more heavily reinforced one.


For help choosing the right burial vault and making other funeral arrangements, talk to the compassionate staff at Brown Funeral Homes & Cremations in Martinsburg, WV. For 140 years, they’ve helped families throughout Berkeley County and the surrounding area create a meaningful memorial service for their loved ones. Whether your loved one’s wishes are to be cremated or buried, they’ll be there to help with arrangements. Call (304) 263-8896 or visit their website to get started.

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