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New on the Job: Why Are These Lights Flickering? June 17, 2020

Long Island City, Queens
New on the Job: Why Are These Lights Flickering?, Queens, New York

As an electrician, one of the common problems you'll encounter is flickering lights inside a home. There are several possible causes, some of which will take minutes to fix, while others require major electrical work throughout the home. Here's a breakdown of how to identify and repair the issue. 

Minor Issues That Cause Flickering

Bulb Issues

A bulb that's worn out or only partially screwed won’t make full contact with the socket, interrupting the electrical supply.

If the problem affects just one fixture, try tightening the bulb in the socket. If that doesn't fix it, try a new bulb.

Old Switches

Look at the type of lightbulb that's been installed. If it's a new LED bulb connected to an older model of dimmer switch, the two aren't compatible. You can suggest switching to a different type of lightbulb, or replacing the switch with a standard model.

If your client wants to be able to dim the lights, suggest a regular switch and programmable LED bulbs.

Major Problems That Cause Flickering

Overloaded Circuit

ElectricalSee what appliances are plugged in near the light fixtures. Large appliances on the same circuit may put too much strain on it.

Depending on the appliance and the wiring throughout the rest of the house, your client may be able to simply move the devices, or the house may need a wiring upgrade to handle a more powerful current.

Damaged Wiring

Flickering can also happen when wiring gets corroded over time or damaged by animals. If the home uses a combination of aluminum and copper wiring, they may not be joined correctly. All of these issues will require extensive rewiring throughout the home to ensure the safety of the residents. 


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