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3 Colorful Ideas for Painting Your Garage Door March 2, 2020

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3 Colorful Ideas for Painting Your Garage Door, Deep River, Connecticut

Your garage door takes up a considerable amount of space on your home’s exterior. Therefore, it’s important to think carefully before painting it. If you’re hoping to try something new for 2020, use the following three suggestions to get inspired.

What Colors Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

1. Warm Red

paintingAs the signature color for American barns, this shade of red is perfect for homeowners hoping to cultivate an inviting, down-to-earth design scheme. In addition to bringing that warm brand of Americana to your home’s exterior, this shade will add a fiery pop of color with which other garage doors simply can’t compete. If your home is painted in a neutral shade such as gray, ivory, or even a soft brown, a red garage door will complement those tones and add to your home’s curb appeal.

2. Dark Charcoal

This deep shade of gray is perfect for homeowners opting for a chic home design that’s still comfortable and homey. On a garage door, it reads almost like a broken-in shade of black, lending a rustic look to your property’s exterior. Best of all, the dark hue will conceal surface scratches and scuffs, which is essential if your garage door takes regular knocks from balls and bikes when kids play in the driveway.

3. Snow White

Since your home’s trim is probably already painted white, a garage door in a similar due will effortlessly complement it. The white shade will also reflect natural light, potentially making the exterior of your property appear larger. Since it’s a mixture of all the light wavelengths, some designers would argue that white brings balance to any color palette.


If you’re hoping to revamp your home’s design, turn to LaPlace and Eagan of Connecticut. They offer painting services for a wide range of garage doors, as well as vinyl, wood, and aluminum siding. In business since 1910, you can trust their team to deliver flawless results. To learn more about their other services, including carpentry and power washing, visit the website. You can also call (860) 526-5429 to make an appointment.

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