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3 Ways to Improve Your Windows' Efficiency March 11, 2020

Norwood, Norwood
3 Ways to Improve Your Windows' Efficiency, Norwood, Ohio

Updating your outdated windows to more energy-efficient models can help control your home’s heating and cooling usage and reduce utility bills. However, if your windows aren’t that old, making a few simple updates with building materials can provide adequate energy savings. Here are a few starter steps you can take today.

How to Make Your Windows More Energy-Efficient

1. Install Storm Windows

If your current windows are in fairly good condition—no broken glass, rotting wood, or serious air or water leaks—you can improve their efficiency by attaching low-emissivity storm windows to them. This installation will reduce airflow and heat transfer through the window and increase your overall energy savings by 10 to 15%.

2. Seal All Leaks

building materialsLike a lot of building materials, after a few years, window frames may naturally develop gaps around their edges. Check for possible air leaks by either placing a lit candle in front of the window or shining a light through the frame to identify any cracks. If there’s a leak, either caulk or apply weatherstripping around the frame to prevent further air loss. 

3. Add Window Treatments & Awnings

Having more control over the natural light that enters your property will help keep it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The addition of window treatments and awnings allows you to block heat from entering or leaving your home. These materials, particularly drapes and blinds, will also increase your home’s thermal insulation and help reduce drafty areas.  


When you need windows and other building materials to improve the energy efficiency of your home, turn to Huber Lumber Co. in Cincinnati, OH. This family-owned business has been the area’s premier source for lumber and a range of other home improvement supplies for over 115 years. Their knowledgeable staff will help you to choose everything you need to complete your project. Visit their website to learn more about the products they carry and call them today at (513) 731-4035 with any questions.

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