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Improve Workplace Eye Health During March March 3, 2020

West Chester, Butler
Improve Workplace Eye Health During March, West Chester, Ohio

Workplace Eye Wellness Month is about raising awareness about eye health issues at work during March. Proper eye care is essential in many different professions, from office employees to lab workers to people in construction. The below tips can help you prevent common workplace eye issues, including strain and injuries. 

How to Prevent Digital Eye Strain

Spending too much time staring at a digital screen, whether that’s a laptop, mobile device, or tablet, causes headaches, eye pain, and blurred vision. As a result, digital eye strain is a condition that affects numerous office workers, especially those that work long hours. While workers can’t limit how much time they spend at their computers, proper eye care includes taking breaks throughout the day.

eye careMany eye doctors encourage the 20-20-20 rule to rest your eyes during the workday. Every 20 minutes, stare at something 20 feet away from your desk for 20 seconds. You can also prevent eye strain in other ways, such as by reducing glare around your screen and positioning yourself so that the computer is an arm’s length away.

How to Keep Your Eyes Safe When Working

While computer eye strain can cause many issues, other workers are subject to more serious eye injuries. Chemical splashes and flying debris will injure the eyes and potentially cause blindness if the damage is severe. Both workers and employers must ensure the proper safety measures are in practice at work.

Safety glasses and goggles are vital. Safety glasses protect against flying debris, while goggles are useful for chemicals and projectiles. Workers must also know of common hazards and actively avoid them. Management is responsible for enforcing safety rules and ensuring workers are wearing the proper safety gear whenever necessary.


Staying up to date on eye care can also prevent issues with your vision. EyeCare One offers eyeglass and contact lens fittings, as well as treatment of ocular diseases. Dr. Kenneth Crawford and his team will ensure you’re wearing the right prescription, regardless of your situation. They can also help diagnose symptoms related to common eye conditions, including glaucoma and cataracts. Call (513) 755-7775 to schedule an appointment at the West Chester, OH, office. Learn more about their services online. 

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