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4 Fun Facts About Mini Golf March 2, 2020

Evendale, Evendale
4 Fun Facts About Mini Golf, Evendale, Ohio

It’s not uncommon for people, especially children, to play mini golf before experiencing the real game. Also known as putt-putt, the mini version of golf enjoys a unique history among other fun facts swirling around the favorite pastime. Learn about some of them here before playing your next game.

4 Interesting Mini Golf Facts to Share

1. It Started in Scotland During the 19th Century

Mini golf got its start as a ladies’ activity in Scotland. The oldest known course was created in the late 1800s for the new Ladies' Putting Club of St. Andrews. The members-only club exclusively for women golfers is situated next to the famous St. Andrews Golf Course that hosts the British Open. 

2. A “Zany” Element Was Added in the 1930s

mini golfCourses became too expensive to maintain during the Great Depression, resulting in “rinky-dink” courses made with found objects. Old tires, pipes, barrels, and rain gutters were among the materials used, which inspired the “zany” mini golf concept of crazy obstacles that became popular all over the United States.

3. It’s a Globally Recognized Sport

“Regular” golf may be played around the world, but so is the miniature variety. The World Mini Golf Sport Federation (WMF) features over 40,000 registered players from over 30 countries and offers four types of tournaments: felt, mini golf open standard, concrete, and miniature golf.

4. Mechanical Hazards Were Introduced in the 1950s

Rotating windmills and moving ramps became a course standard in the mid-50s. These mechanical hazards remain a course staple to this day, including pirate- and other adventure golf-themed hazards.


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