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4 Reasons Women Should Pursue Technical Careers April 9, 2020

Long Island City, Queens
4 Reasons Women Should Pursue Technical Careers, Queens, New York

Technical careers are predominantly male. However, these are highly sought-after and accessible positions, so if you’re a woman, they present opportunities you should consider. If you’re entering the workforce or changing industries, learn more about the short- and long-term perks of skilled trade in this guide.

Why Women Should Also Pursue Skilled Trades

1. Easy Point of Entry

Medicine, marketing, and many traditional business positions require extensive schooling—often four years of college education or longer.

If you are a mother and don’t have the time or funds to go through a long-term program, trade careers may be appealing. They require fewer years of schooling and reward new graduates with excellent salaries. Many programs also connect students with apprenticeships during their schooling, which could lead to payment even before you graduate.

2. Job Opportunities

technical-careers-new-york-citySkilled trade workers have always been in high demand, and the opportunities only continue to increase. You will find ample job opportunities when you graduate. The industry options offered at trade schools also mean you’ll have multiple positions to explore so your career starts off the way you want.

3. Versatility

Electricians and plumbers work in a variety of settings. These positions come with more flexibility than most industries, which is helpful for single mothers or women with demanding schedules.

You can be a freelancer, work part-time as a residential contractor, or choose a full-time position in a commercial or industrial setting.

4. Support

Women are nearly 50% of the workforce, but in a study conducted in 2014, they were shown to make up less than 9% of the workers in technical careers. To support your growth, there are countless state and national tradeswomen organizations that offer guidance.

These groups will connect you with apprenticeships, job opportunities, and continued training to help you excel. They may also offer mentorship programs so you can guide other women into these fields.


If you’re in New York City and ready to pursue technical careers, contact Berk Trade & Business School. Located in Long Island City, this school has helped individuals enter rewarding trade jobs for over 70 years. They offer a variety of programs of different durations and make post-graduation job placement a priority. Call (718) 729-0909 to speak with their admissions office or visit them online to learn more about their career placement services. Connect on Facebook to find updates and reviews by past students.

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