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5 Main Types of Physical Therapy September 9, 2020

South Bronx, Bronx
5 Main Types of Physical Therapy, Bronx, New York

The body and mind endure many stresses and face countless roadblocks. If you’ve suffered a significant injury or setback, physical therapy is often a must. This service covers many fields and is the core of a recovery system. Taking advantage of it, along with transportation services and other assistance, will help you best manage and overcome the challenges you face.

A Guide to Different Physical Therapies

1. Neurological

Neurological disorders or injuries can have a devastating effect on everyday life. Illnesses like dementia and Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injuries will require individuals to retrain the balance, coordination, and mobility centers in their brains. This is often through carefully focused exercises that challenge these areas.

Neurological therapists work in a number of settings ranging from hospitals to private practices that are easily accessible through a transportation service.

2. Cardiovascular

Heart attacks, heart surgery, and other cardiovascular events leave the body in a sensitive state. The heart is a muscle, and it has to be retrained through physical therapy to withstand the stress of everyday activities.

A cardiac rehab program focuses on building endurance and heart strength through light, monitored aerobic exercise. Gradually, individuals will work toward independent exercises like swimming, jogging, and cycling to restore cardiovascular health.

3. Orthopedic

transporation serviceOrthopedic is often what most people think of when they hear “physical therapy.” It focuses on recovering from muscle, joint, and tendon and ligament injuries.

Athletes may seek care for a torn ACL, while another patient may need to recover from a broken bone. Physical therapists first help patients stabilize these areas following surgery. They then introduce light exercise to restore balance, strength, and flexibility until the individual regains full range of motion and joint or muscle function.

You’ll find this service in assisted living communities, hospitals, private practices, and at-home care.

4. Pediatric

Pediatric physical therapy focuses on children. Patients range from infants to adolescents, some of who are recovering from injuries or illnesses. Some patients may have special needs, while others may require care for physical developmental issues.

Similar to orthopedic care, physical therapists help children extend their range of motion, muscle strength, and coordination through accessible exercises.

5. Geriatric

Geriatric physical therapy is tailored to seniors. Over time, age leads to a weaker musculoskeletal system. Seniors may also sustain injuries and need to recover from surgery, or they may have developed mobility issues due to health complications. Physical therapists create low-impact rehab programs that utilize bodyweight exercises, stability equipment, and resistance training.



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