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Landscaping For Pest Control: No Chemicals Required! October 30, 2015

Elsmere, New Castle
Landscaping For Pest Control: No Chemicals Required!, Elsmere, Delaware

The experts at DiSabatino Landscaping in Wilmington, DE are dedicated to reducing the amount of chemicals released into the air, so they have designed a more organic program tailored to the needs of your specific landscape. Integrated pest management, or IPM, is defined as an ecosystem-based, long-term pest management strategy that utilizes biological control, resistant varieties, modification of cultural practices, and habitat manipulation. Pesticides are used only on an as-needed basis, as IPM is designed to minimize risks to both human health and the environment.

If you’re trying to lessen your footprint but still maintain the health of your landscape, DiSabatino Landscaping can help! Check out what fantastic landscaping services they offer in regards to pest management:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Thorough Inspections: DiSabatino Landscaping’s plant care specialist will perform an extensive inspection in order to determine what, if any, pests or diseases are present. This makes it easy to identify, treat and even prevent serious issues.

Comprehensive Reports: Once the inspection is complete, a thorough, detailed report featuring the inspection results and any recommendations for plant applications is provided.

Tailored Applications: Organic, environmentally-friendly treatments are used to control predatory insects when possible. DiSabatino does not do broad-spectrum sprays. They specialize in custom programs designed specifically with your landscape in mind.

Organic Fertilization

Ultimate Blend: DiSabatino Landscaping is one of the first companies in Wilmington to offer a fully organic approach to fertilization; using only the highest-quality ingredients to create the ultimate blend.

Ingredients: Fertilizer ingredients include symbiotic organisms found in nature and sea-based extracts to promote healthy, strong root systems.

  • Slow-Release: Slow-release fertilizer lasts throughout the season, with plants subsequently healthier and less susceptible to disease and pests. Although it can really be applied at any time during the season, spring and fall are the best times for fertilization. DiSabatino also offers other organic fertilizers throughout the season to help fight draught. 

Tree Preservation

  • Root Collar Excavation: Preservation techniques get to the “root” of a tree issue, which usually revolves around problems such as compacted soil, root rot diseases, low organic compost soils, and girdling roots. 
  • Air Spading: This technique removes dirt from around the tree without causing damage to the trunk or the underlying root system. By exposing the roots you are exposing many issues that could make your tree hazardous. 
  • Fertilizer: It is important to fertilize after a root collar excavation as it will introduce many of the nutrients trees need to help bounce back. 

Discuss landscaping issues with the experienced, knowledgeable team at DiSabatino Landscaping and enjoy a stunning backyard oasis free from harmful pesticides and other chemicals.

For more on plant health care, landscape design and related services, please contact DiSabatino Landscaping today. Call (302) 764-0408 or visit the website.
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