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3 Reasons to Shred Leaves April 1, 2020

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3 Reasons to Shred Leaves, ,

Raking leaves might seem like a tedious chore with a minimal payoff, but some homeowners see it as an opportunity to improve their gardens. If you run an electric lawn mower over the leaves a few times, you’ll have piles of quality mulch or compost that can easily be disposed of, used right away, or stored. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of shredding leaves. 

Why You Should Shred Leaves

1. Improve Your Soil

Electric lawn MowerFirst, use your electric lawn mower to shred the leaves. Then, cover the surface of your garden bed and distribute it evenly in a 2-inch thick layer. When the leaves decompose, you’ll be left with more fertile soil.  

2. Quality Mulch

Storing your shredded leaves will create leaf mold. This makes an excellent mulch since it’s porous yet can absorb a hefty percentage of water. This means that air can get through the leaves and let the soil breathe while the leaves can soak up water to avoid runoff and combat heat.

3. Balance Your Compost Pile

For your compost pile to enhance the life of your garden soil, you must create the right balance of nitrogen and carbon, which some people also refer to it as a balance of greens and browns. Leaves are the brown material that contains all of the carbon and adds bulk so more air can get into your composting pile.

The green material, such as grass clippings, adds the nitrogen that nourishes your garden. Having the proper mixture in your compost will ensure that all of the elements are working together to give you a more fertile soil. 


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