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Common Questions About Overseeding a Lawn June 6, 2020

Franklin, Warren
Common Questions About Overseeding a Lawn, Franklin, Ohio

When you want to ensure your grass remains lush and green, overseeding is an effective lawn care technique. The process reduces patchy spots and damaged areas, keeping your grass vibrant. Below are questions many people have about overseeding.

FAQ About Overseeding

What is overseeding, and when should you do it?

Overseeding means adding additional seed to an existing lawn without turning the soil. The process produces thicker, greener grass, which is beneficial for yards that have dry spots, drought damage, or pest issues. The timing of this lawn care process relies on your area. If you live in a colder region, overseeding is best in early fall or early spring. For warmer climates, mid-spring to early summer is best.

What type of seed should you use?

lawn careIt depends on your lawn’s condition and how sunny or shady your yard is. Some types thrive in the sunshine, such as tall fescue, while others prefer the shade, like ryegrass. Traffic also plays a part. More delicate varieties don’t work well in high traffic lawns, but sturdier grasses will.

Is overseeding a DIY project?

Some homeowners choose to overseed their lawns on their own, but hiring a professional has many benefits. The landscape may need aeration, which requires equipment you may not have. Lawn care companies also know the best grass varieties for each area and will use tools like power rakes and slit seeders to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Can you mow the lawn after overseeding?

If you are filling in gaps in your grass, you can begin mowing again after a week. However, you should leave new lawns alone for six weeks. This includes heavy foot traffic and equipment.


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