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What Are the Advantages of CDPAP Over Traditional Home Care? April 16, 2020

Canarsie, Brooklyn
What Are the Advantages of CDPAP Over Traditional Home Care?, Brooklyn, New York

When everyday tasks or basic medical needs become too overwhelming your seniors, home care is often the answer. However, they can be apprehensive about letting a stranger into their homes. You don’t want them to go without care, which is why a CDPAP program is recommended. This service trains family members to perform as caregivers to ensure their loved ones have all the assistance they need.

Why a CDPAP Program Can Be Better Than Home Care for Your Loved One


cdpap-program-new-york-cityTraditional home care assigns one or several registered nurses or health aides to a home. It’s not always easy for seniors to bond with these medical professionals or adjust to having them in their homes.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program (CDPAP) trains eligible family members—excluding spouses—or friends to perform many of these services to provide the necessary care. Seniors will feel much more comfortable having a familiar face and can still be confident that they’re receiving professional care.


Traditional home care may not always be covered by insurance carriers. This can create a significant financial burden on your loved one or yourself.

A CDPAP program sets you up to receive income for your caregiver role. You’ll be paid an hourly rate or salary based on the scope of care you provide. This is especially helpful for adult children, siblings, or friends that have sacrificed a job to care for their loved one.

Wider Scope of Service

Those trained in a CDPAP program can perform both basic nursing and personal aide services and don’t require a license or certification. This means that you can care for a loved one in need without needing to invest time and funds in extensive nursing courses. This makes it easier to manage your loved one’s needs and ensures they never go without.



If you’re in the New York City area and want to explore a CDPAP program further, contact Safe Haven Home Care. This agency will connect you with all the resources you need. Should you choose traditional care, their staff of nurses, home health aides, and other professionals will fulfill all your loved one’s needs. You can explore their services on their website or by calling (718) 968-6970. 

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