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5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy April 15, 2020

Northwest Travis, Travis County
5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Healthy, Northwest Travis, Texas

Senior living is best enjoyed in optimal health. While many conditions can manifest with age, adults can prioritize their wellness and reduce the risk of injury and illness. Here are a few practical strategies for optimizing health through the later years.

How to Maintain Health as a Senior

1. Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

The digestive system changes with age; the stomach produces fewer acids, and the gastrointestinal tract slows down. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is a simple yet effective way to keep the digestive system on track. Also, seniors should eat foods with plenty of fiber and nutrients, such as lentils and leafy vegetables.

2. Get Ample Sleep

Like most adults, seniors still need seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Yet, issues that can come with age—like sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome—may make it difficult to get enough rest. If you’re having difficulty sleeping, mention it to your doctor so they can assess for underlying issues and find a solution.

3. Minimize Disease Risk

senior livingStaying up-to-date on vaccines is particularly important for seniors, who may face a higher risk of contracting illnesses and experiencing health-related complications. Most seniors should receive vaccines against hepatitis B, shingles, the flu, and pneumonia, but be sure to ask your doctor for recommendations based on your needs and individual risks.

4. Watch for Vision Changes

Dry eye, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma can all affect eyesight over time. These vision changes can increase the risk of injury caused by falls and other accidents, so be sure to schedule an annual eye exam to watch for and manage any differences in eyesight. Also, seniors with poor vision shouldn’t get behind the wheel.

5. Stay Socially & Physically Active

An important element of well-rounded senior living is staying active, both socially and physically. Often, mental and physical wellness go hand in hand. Seniors can satisfy both needs by combining exercise and social activities: take a group class, schedule regular walks with friends, or engage in a round of golf or tennis with friends.


If you’re seeking a community where you can enjoy healthy senior living, turn to Longhorn Village in Austin, TX. This thriving senior community supports a busy and active lifestyle for its residents, with the benefit of onsite health care and support. They provide ongoing opportunities and activities to support an exceptional quality of life. Learn more about the Longhorn Village lifestyle by visiting their website or by calling (512) 266-5600. To speak with a health care representative, call (512) 282-4664.

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