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4 Types of Corrosion Around Your Building March 18, 2020

Kuliouou - Kalani Iki, Honolulu
4 Types of Corrosion Around Your Building, Honolulu, Hawaii

Corrosion is a problematic building maintenance issue that can affect any property. Structures in Hawaii are constantly exposed to salty ocean air, increasing the likelihood of corrosion on their metals. There are several types of corrosive damage that can lead to maintenance and repair issues.

What Are the Different Types of Metal Corrosion?

1. General

This form of corrosion occurs when a metal surface is exposed to a substance that causes a chemical or electrochemical reaction. The reaction will slowly eat away at the metal, deteriorating it over time. If ignored, this building maintenance issue will weaken metal that supports your building.

2. Localized

building maintenanceLocalized corrosion affects only one part of the structure. Examples of this include crevice corrosion, which occurs due to acidic conditions or a lack of oxygen.

3. Galvanic

This form of corrosion happens when two dissimilar metals are held together by an electrolyte. This results in galvanic coupling. During this process, one metal becomes an anode, resulting in faster deterioration.

4. Environmental

Exposure to certain chemicals, temperatures, or natural stresses can result in cracking, corrosion fatigue, or embrittlement of the metal. Flow-assisted corrosion occurs when a metal’s protective oxide layer is removed by constant exposure to wind or water. This is a common issue found in buildings along the coast.


Every building owner should be aware of these forms of corrosion, as they can weaken a structure’s function and integrity. If you aren’t sure if your property has corrosion damage, contact the knowledgeable team at Construction Management Inspection, LLC, in Honolulu, HI. These professionals will carefully look over every inch of your building to detect early and existing signs of metal corrosion. They’ll help you identify the causes of the damage and suggest building maintenance tactics to prevent the issue from worsening. Learn more about their maintenance services online, or call (808) 422-2132 to schedule an appointment.