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New York's Best Speech Coaches Can Help You Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking October 22, 2015

Murray Hill, Manhattan
New York's Best Speech Coaches Can Help You Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking, Manhattan, New York

Speaking in front of a crowd can be a daunting task. For many people, just the thought of addressing a crowd can bring on crippling anxiety. The good news is you don’t have to live with fear of public speaking! Public speaking workshops and resources are available through Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants. This New York City-based consulting company specializes in public speaking lessons and communication classes.

If you’re in need of public speaking help, the speech coaches behind the programs focus on both mind and body to help clients overcome their fears.

Leticia Warner is a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and a registered Drama Therapist. She studied at the University of Virginia and NYU. She has experience teaching children, teens and adults.  She previously worked in hospitals both as a therapist and administrator. Her approach to speech coaching helps clients overcome fear analytically and creatively in a combined process.

Shira Hon-Lahav is also a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and registered Drama Therapist. After studying at Hunter College and NYU, Hon-Lahav began her career in speech coaching working in hospitals and conducting therapy workshops all over the world. Her creative approach, coupled with her experience working with diverse populations, has helped her gain special insight into overcoming fears and improving self-presentation.

Together, Warner and Hon-Lahav work to provide every client with the basic elements needed to enhance their ability to present. The workshops can be amended and adjusted according to each client’s needs. Whether you need a one-on-one communication class or you want your entire company to have the tools necessary to become excellent public speakers, Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants has the expertise to help you realize your potential and curb your fears.

If you live in New York City and you need help overcoming public speaking anxiety, call Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants today at (646) 688-2996. Check out their website for more information on the company founders and the services available.