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5 Common Electrical Issues in Cars April 3, 2020

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5 Common Electrical Issues in Cars, Twin, Ohio

There are several issues that car owners may face throughout the lifetime of their vehicles. While some are mechanical, others are electrical issues, which can be particularly frustrating. Below are several frequent electrical problems that require auto repairs.

Common Automotive Electrical Issues

1. Dead Battery

A dead battery is one of the most common electrical issue you’ll face and the easiest to diagnose. If your car won’t start, carefully listen when you turn the key over, and, if you hear clicking but it isn’t starting, the battery is likely dead. Check if the headlights, dashboard, and ceiling lights will turn on to make sure nothing is getting electricity. 

2. Bad Alternator

If you charge or replace your battery, and it quickly dies again, your alternator may be failing. The alternator recharges the battery while the car is running, so if it is broken or faulty the headlights and the lights inside the cab may dim while you are driving.

3. Trouble Starting

auto repairsAnother common auto repair is a faulty starter. If your car has electricity, the lights and radio turn on, but turning the key does nothing, you may need your starter replaced. You won’t hear the usual clicking noise that happens when the battery dies, indicating the starter is the problem.

4. Cables & Wires

Cables and wires connect the basic electrical components of your car. These face issues when rats and mice chew through wires, or vibration while driving break or displace the cables. If your starter, alternator, and battery check out, it may be an electricity distribution problem that requires new wiring harnesses.

5. Fuses

Much like a fuse in the breaker box at your house, the fuses in your car connect the circuits and protect them from power surges. When one blows, that circuit will lose power until you replace the fuse. Sometimes, it is loose from vibration, so make sure you seat them properly before replacement.


Whatever your car’s electrical problems, you need a quality source for parts for your auto repairs. Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories in Chillicothe, OH, can help. They offer a full assortment of auto parts and accessories as well as a certified auto repair shop on-site. Call (740) 775-8111 or visit them online for more information about their services.

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