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3 Events That Should Be Catered March 19, 2020

Westchester Village, Bronx
3 Events That Should Be Catered, Bronx, New York

Catering services were once generally associated with weddings or large formal gatherings, but these days, that's changed. In fact, it's common to hire catering for any event where you're expecting a lot of people. If you're planning any one of these events below, having the menu catered could save you time and money.

Occasions That Call for Catering Services

1. Corporate Events

Feeding a large group of co-workers can be tricky when there are different palettes and dietary restrictions to consider. Rather than trying to assign different food dishes to an internal party committee, place an order with a catering service instead. Many services will also set up and tear down afterward, clearing away trash or leftovers and leaving you with peace of mind that this aspect of your corporate event is taken care of.

2. Birthday Parties

catering serviceNo matter what age your guests are, people love celebrating birthdays with good food. If you're planning a birthday party for a child or a friend, order several different dishes for the occasion. Having a birthday catered also means you'll get to enjoy the party instead of cooking all the food and checking on it throughout the party.

3. Graduations

High school graduation parties are the perfect events to hire catering services for, as they make this celebration an even more special occasion. If you're planning a party for a college graduate, stick to classic hors d' oeuvres and a nice wine selection to cater to the young adult crowd.


Emilio’s of Morris Park has a variety of dishes and appetizers that are sure to satisfy all of your guests’ palettes. No matter the occasion, this Italian restaurant in the Bronx, NY, offers a large catering menu for you to choose from. Mix and match classic dishes with delicious appetizers and side salads and let their catering services do the rest. To get this part of your event planning checked off your list, call (718) 822-6758 or visit their website for more catering information. You can also text “Emilios” to 33733 to download their free ordering app and sample some of their food from your home today.

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