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4 Benefits of Becoming a Pediatric Nurse March 13, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
4 Benefits of Becoming a Pediatric Nurse, Suffern, New York

Those interested in pursuing a new career should consider becoming a pediatric nurse. This rewarding field focuses on caring for children with medical needs at a variety of locations. Here are five reasons this may be the career path for you.

Why Consider Becoming a Pediatric Nurse

1. Helping Kids & Families

Many pediatric nurses join the field because they enjoy working with kids. If you know how to help little ones calm down and make them laugh, you’d be an excellent nurse. In this position, it’s your job to make them feel comfortable and reassured during medical treatments and tests. You may have to dole out medications and give immunizations.

As a pediatric nurse, you’ll spend your days working with families. While you’re easing the little ones’ fears about procedures, you’ll also need to offer information and support to siblings and guardians. You must answer questions about treatments and conditions while caring for the child.

2. Earning More Than a Living Wage

Nurses make around $71,730 per year. This profession features many benefits, like excellent health care and dental insurance. Most companies and agencies provide additional bonuses, like life insurance and retirement, many of which are beneficial for you and your immediate family.

3. Work-Life Balance

pediatric nursePediatric nurses often have flexible job schedules. Depending on where you work, you may be able to work three days on and four days off. These unique schedules promote work-life balance by allowing you time to travel, pursue hobbies, and care for family members.

4. Job Security

Nursing jobs are growing at an average rate of 12%. These health care professionals may offer in-home care or provide exams and injury treatments in a private or public practice. Since this position is needed all over the world, it’s an excellent option for individuals who may want to travel or who frequently move to live in different places.



If you’re interested in becoming a pediatric nurse, contact J&D Ultracare in Rockland County, NY, to learn more about available opportunities. The staffing agency offers educational in-service plus orientations, weekly paychecks, and excellent benefits. Call the Suffern-based company at (845) 357-4500 or visit their website for open jobs and information on their services.