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Does Home Insurance Cover Tornado Damage? March 15, 2020

Licking, Texas County
Does Home Insurance Cover Tornado Damage?, Licking, Missouri

If you live in an area that is at risk for tornadoes, you may be wondering how helpful your home insurance will be in the event of a disaster. Naturally, what your policy covers—if it covers any tornado damage at all—will depend on its specific terms. Consider the following guide for general information on this type of insurance policy.

Are Tornadoes a Covered Catastrophe?

Unlike other natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, tornadoes are usually covered by standard homeowners insurance. However, the included coverage may not be enough to make all of the necessary repairs should disaster strike. Because of this, it's wise to evaluate the terms of your policy carefully and, if warranted, purchase a rider that provides additional protection. This is recommended if you own a property with a high valuation or have expensive technology or jewelry inside your home.

What Kind of Tornado Damage Is Usually Covered?

home insurance Licking, MOA typical home insurance policy usually includes dwelling coverage, which will pay for the costs associated with repairing damage to the actual structure. In the event of a tornado, such damage might consist of broken windows and loose siding. 

Of course, if a tornado tears off more than a few shingles, all the property inside the structure may get damaged, too. While homeowners insurance doesn't usually cover items like furniture, electronics, and artwork, you may be able to a file claim if you added supplemental coverage to your policy. 

What Kind of Supplemental Coverage Do I Need?

Personal property coverage will reimburse you for repairing or replacing all of your belongings should a covered event destroy them. If you opt for a replacement cost policy, your insurer will cover the cost of purchasing a new home. If you select an actual cash value policy, your insurer will reimburse you for the value of the property at the time of the accident, taking depreciation into account. 


If you need home insurance that will cover tornado damage, turn to Texas County Mutual Insurance. Based in Licking, MO, this mutual company has been protecting residents since 1904. Their offerings include machinery, mobile home, farm, dwelling, and renters insurance. To request a quote, reach out on their website or call (573) 674-3125 today to schedule an initial appointment.

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