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4 Characteristics of a Quality Pizza March 10, 2020

Westchester Village, Bronx
4 Characteristics of a Quality Pizza, Bronx, New York

Everyone has their favorite pizza, but New Yorkers are especially opinionated on the subject. Maybe you’re a purist who refuses to call anything without a thin crust a pizza, or maybe you love a Chicago deep dish. While there are an endless variety of pizza types and styles, all the best share a few qualities in common.

Qualities of Great Pizza

1. Crust

The crust is the literal foundation of the pizza, upon which the success or failure of the entire meal depends. No matter what shape or thickness you prefer, a good pizza crust should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Of course, it also shouldn’t be burnt on the bottom, or so thick that it feels like you’re eating a breadstick.

2. Cheese

pizzaThe cheese on your pizza has to be fresh and high-quality, but it should also be evenly distributed and melted to perfection. Ideally, the cheese should be melted enough to pull, but not so gooey that the toppings slide off when you pick up a slice.

3. Sauce

An excellent pizza sauce should balance a subtle blend of flavors, with no spice overpowering the other. Too much tomato will make it taste like a pasta sauce, while excessive garlic or onion will dominate the cheese and toppings.

4. Toppings

People may never agree on the perfect pizza toppings, and that's okay. The toppings are what give each pie its unique personality and differentiates a classic dish from a modern creation. Whether you're a traditional pepperoni kind of person or a veggie-lover, your toppings should be fresh, spread evenly around the pie, and carefully proportioned to achieve a perfect balance of taste and texture.


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