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A Guide to Columbariums March 9, 2020

Kingston, Plymouth
A Guide to Columbariums, Kingston, Massachusetts

Perhaps you already feel certain that you would like your remains to be cremated and stored inside a funeral urn. In that case, you may consider using a columbarium as your final resting place. Here’s some information about them to help you decide if this option is right for you. 

What Is a Columbarium? 

Like a mausoleum, a columbarium is a space to store funeral urns filled with ashes of those who have been cremated. Typically, a series of niches or shelves are carved into the walls of a room or building to fit urns with plaques beneath them to designate whose remains are inside. Sometimes, they also include space to leave flowers or other thoughtful tokens. 

Columbariums have existed in many faiths and cultures throughout history and all over the world. Catholicism, for example, believes that a columbarium is more sacred than a home, making it a more fitting place to keep an urn. Buddhists use them as a way to keep families together after death.  

What Are Its Benefits? 

funeral urnsSince you can fit a lot of funeral urns into one area, columbariums are often more efficient with space than mausoleums or traditional cemeteries, meaning it’s a prudent choice if you have concern for the environment. It’s also possible to dedicate the columbarium to your whole family so that all of you can rest together.  

A columbarium provides a way for your loved ones to visit you after death. It’s more doable for them than splitting up your ashes among certain people or scattering them somewhere. Also, columbariums are often built to be beautiful and provoke a sense of peace, tranquility, and deep thought, making them an appropriately reverent place for reflection.


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