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3 Signs You Need Exhaust Repair April 21, 2020

Canarsie, Brooklyn
3 Signs You Need Exhaust Repair, Brooklyn, New York

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is responsible for funneling dangerous fumes away from the engine compartment and vehicle interior and out of the car. While this system may not factor into your routine maintenance schedule, when problems occur, it can impact efficiency, performance, comfort, and safety. Know the early signs of trouble so you can get exhaust repairs before a potentially dangerous issue develops.

When to Schedule Exhaust Repair

1. Loud Engine

If the exhaust system is damaged or faulty, it can cause a leak inside the engine. The leaking fumes often make a loud noise as they escape the system, like a hiss, rumble, or tapping. This noise may get particularly loud when you accelerate or start the engine. These leaks can mean that fumes are escaping into the passenger cabin as well, so roll down the windows and take your car to the mechanic immediately.

2. Vibration

exhaust repairA leak can also cause vibrations since the high volume of escaping gas is passing through a small hole. The vibration often starts in the accelerator pedal or the steering wheel, and as it gets worse, it may shake the entire passenger cabin. This can become a safety concern since you may have more difficulty controlling the vehicle. 

3. Odors

Unusual odors can also indicate a problem. For example, a strong smell of gas inside the car could mean that the exhaust pipes or tubes are damaged, and gasoline fumes are getting into the car. You may also smell something burning from the engine compartment, as the heat from the leaking gas can melt plastic parts. If you see smoke coming out from under the hood, pull over immediately.


If you have noticed any of the red flags of exhaust trouble, take your car to Puma’s Auto Care in Brooklyn, NY. For over 17 years, these professionals have been diagnosing and repairing engine issues. Their full range of services includes everything from oil changes to exhaust repairs, all at affordable prices. See their full list of services online or call (718) 272-6306 to schedule your repair.   

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