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3 Tips for Talking to Your Employer About Addiction Recovery April 8, 2020

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3 Tips for Talking to Your Employer About Addiction Recovery, Lorain, Ohio

If you're going into an addiction recovery program, you'll likely need weeks or months off of work. This means you'll need to speak to your employer about taking time off to enter a rehabilitation facility. While you might worry about their reaction to such a sensitive topic, this conversation is necessary. Reference the guide below to protect your interests and learn how to broach this subject with your employer appropriately.

What to Keep In Mind When Speaking to Your Boss About Addiction Recovery

1. Know Your Rights

The biggest concern for many people struggling with addiction is that admitting the problem and seeking treatment will result in them losing their jobs. However, drug addiction is classified as a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which means you have some protections. While you can be fired for performance issues or breaking workplace policies with your substance use, you cannot be fired for seeking treatment. If you qualify for FMLA leave, you can use up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for a rehab program, and your employer is required to allow you to retain your position.

2. Keep It Formal

Addiction Recovery Lorain, OHWhen you are ready to tell your boss about this issue, arrange a formal meeting with your boss and an HR manager or union representative. Their job is to ensure that the company complies with the law, which is to your advantage in this situation. Follow up the meeting with an email to document what you discussed. However, don't just notify your boss of the issue via email, as this conversation will go better face to face.

3. Admit Your Situation Clearly

It's likely that your boss or supervisor already knows about your substance use. Addiction is difficult to hide, and few people succeed in keeping it to themselves. When you go to this meeting, you're probably not bringing your boss bad news. Instead, you're giving them the good news that you're pursuing addiction recovery. Emphasize your commitment to change and how this will make you a better employee, in addition to asking for the specific support you need, such as FMLA leave.


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