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3 Best Security Systems for Casinos April 10, 2020

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3 Best Security Systems for Casinos, Tacoma, Washington

Casinos are fun and inviting spaces that bring in many guests throughout the day. People constantly mill in and out, gaming noises emanate throughout, and there’s a sense of underlying excitement in the air as people wage their bets. However, since there are many transactions occurring at all times, it’s important to protect the casino with an efficient commercial security system. Below are some of the best options to ensure the safety of the space. 

The Right Security Systems for a Casino

1. Video Surveillance

At a bare minimum, all casinos should be equipped with security cameras. Also known as the “eye in the sky,” these cameras are designed to surveil the entirety of the space. This includes the entryways, cashier counters, gaming machines, tables, and seating, along with areas like elevators and on-site restaurants. These cameras are concealed by globes that prevent players from identifying the direction of the device. It’s possible to zoom in on suspicious individuals to examine their behaviors more closely. 

2. Key Control

commercial security systemProper key management is vital to any comprehensive commercial security system. Casinos typically have thousands of employees and hundreds of door keys. The goal is to ensure that specific employees have access to the appropriate areas while preventing access to more secure spots. To achieve the right balance, a key control system can issue keys only to the authorized holder who enters a specific code. By monitoring the times when the keys are checked out and returned, the casino can keep track much more closely. If a key is lost or not returned on time, an alert is issued to the security staff.

3. Security Mantrap  

A mantrap is essentially a vestibule in which a person is detained if they’re under suspicion for any reason. It’s possible for commercial security system providers to install comprehensive structures in casinos that feature multiple doors leading to a single, large mantrap. To ensure that the person remains safely in place, the exit doors in the vestibule lock as soon as the entry door is opened. To enter the mantrap, authorized personnel must use some type of verification device, like a smart card.  

Is it time to upgrade your casino’s commercial security system? Turn to the team at Robblee’s Total Security in Tacoma, WA. Proudly serving clients throughout Pierce County for over a century, the company installs security cameras, alarm systems, safes, and other vital components to ensure your property’s security at all times. Visit the website to find out more about these options, or call (253) 627-5448 to speak with a representative.

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