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3 Reasons to Schedule Well Drilling for Winter February 17, 2020

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3 Reasons to Schedule Well Drilling for Winter, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

Adding a well to your home offers you more control over the water your household uses. However, scheduling the right time for well drilling can be tricky for some parts of the country. While you might think you have to wait until spring to start the construction process, especially in the colder northern climate, there are actually several good reasons to schedule this work for winter.

Why Plan for Winter Well Drilling?

1. Cleaner Site

Drilling into the hard, frozen ground means there isn’t any worry about dealing with mud beneath the surface level. The contractors can focus on drilling the hole with less risk of damaging the surrounding landscaping. This also means workers can maneuver their equipment on your property without leaving such deep marks in the ground. 

2. Beat the Rush

well drillingLike most other construction industries, well drilling experts get much busier as the weather gets warmer. Although laying a well foundation is better reserved for the spring, summer, and fall, you can get ahead on the construction process by scheduling the drilling for winter. This way, your well will already be dug, and the contractor won’t be limited to when they can complete the construction and hook up the water to your well. 

3. Easier Dig

When the ground is hard and frozen, it’s very similar to bedrock. This makes the ground more stable for drilling and safer for contractors. If you wait until spring, the wet and muddy conditions will make it more difficult for operating the equipment and for safely moving around the drilling area. 


If you want the benefits of a water well at your home, turn to Luisier Drilling in Oconto Falls, WI. This family-owned and -operated company has provided water well drilling and water system installations for over 80 years. Their groundwater specialists use the latest rotary drilling technology to create more than 600 wells each year. Their licensed installers and repairmen are also available 24 hours a day for emergency assistance. Call them today at (920) 848-5239 for a free estimate and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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