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3 Tips To Reduce Wildlife Problems in Spring April 1, 2020

Cleves, Miami
3 Tips To Reduce Wildlife Problems in Spring, Miami, Ohio

Pets are great and help people alleviate stress, but unwanted wild animals are quite the opposite. If wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, skunks, opossum, chipmunks, or birds become a problem in or around your home, you may wonder what attracted them to you and how to remove them safely and humanely.  Below are a few ways to deter unwanted wildlife from your property.  

Ways to Keep Unwanted Animals Out of Your Home 

1. Maintain the Landscaping

Although mature trees and vines can add significant curb appeal to your home, keep trees trimmed and maintain your landscaping. Keep trees at least six feet from your roof line and never let vines like ivy grow on your home. Small animals like snakes and squirrels use vertical vines for cover, shade, shelter or access to your roof line.  

2. Be Careful With Bird Feeders 

wildlife controlBird food and bird feeders are notorious for causing wildlife problems.  Your not just feeding the birds.  Bird feeders attract other ground critters such as squirrels, raccoons, opossum, skunks, and chipmunks.  Bird seed is normally found in the feces of most critters we remove from homes and properties.  Exercise caution when putting out bird feeders. Consider placing them far away from the perimeter of your home, and never mount them onto your home.

Additionally, small rodents such as mice will also get into bags of bird feed stored in your garage or shed. Store bird seed inside an airtight container to keep critters out.

3. Use Animal-Proof Containers Outside

Larger critters such as raccoons, opossum, stray cats or dogs seem to know when its garbage night in our neighborhoods.  They will knock over your cans and dig through the garbage to find food. During this process, they scatter garbage around and create an even larger mess.  This could  attract additional critters to your property.  Be sure your garbage cans have lids that fit tight.  Use a bungie cord or rope to help secure the lid if necessary.  If possible, keep your garbage cans inside your garage or shed until garbage night.  Always use heavy duty containers with lids when storing any items outside or in your garage or shed.  

If you have a need for wildlife removal from your home or your property, call ASAP Critter People.  We are fully licensed and insured and family owned and operated.  Our certified wildlife professionals have helped many homeowners manage wildlife conflicts and improve the safety and comfort of their spaces, inside and outside. To find out more about our wildlife removal services and how we can assist you, visit our website or call us at (513) 941-0258.

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