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What's the Difference Between Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps? March 16, 2020

East New York, Brooklyn
What's the Difference Between Full & Partial Vehicle Wraps?, Brooklyn, New York

Vehicle wraps provide an inexpensive, ongoing way to advertise your business, allowing you to reach your market in a non-invasive way. These covers also come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, with some covering the entire vehicle and others only covering some. Below, review the differences between full and partial truck, van, and car wraps to determine what’s best for your marketing needs.

Full vs. Partial Wraps

Partial wraps come in various sizes to cover specific parts of commercial vehicles, such as the sides, hood, or back. They typically cover between 25% to 75% of a vehicle's surface area, and they may include smaller decals that work in conjunction with the wrapped section, such as decals on the doors.

vehicle wrapsFull vehicle wraps cover every inch of the viable truck, van, or car space, including the sides, hood, roof, and bumper, as well as the windows if state laws allow. However, taller, larger vehicles, such as fleet trucks, usually don't have their roof wrapped.

What’s Right for You

To choose the best option for your business, consider the color of your existing vehicles. If the wraps feature the same colors as your cars or trucks, partial wraps will generally suffice. Matching your business' color scheme will also help your consumers recognize your brand.

Also, take your vehicle size into consideration. If you're working with small cars that don't have a lot of surface area on the back or sides, full wraps will make more of an impact. Conversely, if your commercial vehicles include vans and large trucks with plenty of surface area to work with, you can use partial wraps. Partial options are also less expensive than full versions, which is something to consider if your business is a startup or you want to save money.


If you’re ready to invest in a full or partial vehicle wrap, discuss your needs with the team at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. This design company specializes in wraps, among other marketing materials, including business cards and commercial screen printing. Call (347) 312-5488 today to start the creative process, or review their portfolio online. You can also get more wrap tips on Facebook, and apply for financing here.

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