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4 Reasons to Freeze Your Eggs March 30, 2020

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4 Reasons to Freeze Your Eggs, Honolulu, Hawaii

There are many ways people can benefit from egg freezing. This unique process involves harvesting eggs directly from the ovaries and storing them through cryopreservation until you want to try getting pregnant. Here are four times to consider egg freezing to improve your chances of conceiving. 

When Should You Consider Egg Freezing? 

1. You’re Not Ready for Kids

Women are at their most fertile before they turn 30-years-old because they have the highest egg count and the most high-quality eggs in their 20s. However, many people are not ready to have kids this early.

Some want to focus on careers, while others haven’t decided if they wish to become parents. Egg freezing allows you to prolong the potential to give birth to a child who is biologically yours.

2. You Haven’t Found the Right Partner 

egg freezing Honolulu HIHaving and raising a child alone can be difficult. If you haven’t found a partner, but you’d like to have a child one day, egg freezing offers the opportunity to wait. Harvesting the eggs and storing them until you’re in a stable, loving relationship can help you foster a nurturing and supportive environment for a child.

3. You’re Undergoing Medical Treatment

People who have medical conditions, like cancer, may receive treatments that can reduce their chances of getting pregnant. Radiation and chemotherapy can negatively impact fertility, so many people use egg freezing to keep their eggs safe during the treatment. They may then try in-vitro fertilization or use a surrogate to give birth in the future.

4. You Have a Low Egg Supply

Many couples visit fertility specialists because they are having trouble getting pregnant. During this appointment, you may learn that you have a low egg supply or that your egg quality and likelihood of natural fertilization is low.

At this time, you might consider egg freezing to retain the eggs that offer the best chances of fertility. This choice may allow you to use reproductive assistance, like IVF, to increase your likelihood of becoming pregnant.


If you’re interested in egg freezing, contact IVF Hawaii on Oahu to set up an appointment with their board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists. The expert team uses innovative technology to offer in-vitro fertilization and help people gain new family members. Call the Honolulu-area practice at (808) 538-6655 or visit the website to learn about their compassionate staff and to read testimonials from happy families who have benefited from conception treatments. 

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