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3 Benefits of Using a Mobile Repair Service for a Small Fleet February 14, 2020

Norcross, Gwinnett
3 Benefits of Using a Mobile Repair Service for a Small Fleet, Norcross, Georgia

If you own a business fleet, you know it’s extra important to make sure each truck is in working order. Since there’s less room for error, a truck that’s out of service for too long can hurt your bottom line as well as your relationships with your clients. So when something goes wrong, a prompt solution is needed. Fortunately, a mobile fleet repair service can get everyone back on the road quickly. Here are some big reasons to have the professionals come to you.

How Mobile Fleet Repair Services Save You Time & Money

1. Cost-Effective

If your truck needs repairs, driving it to a truck dealership requires burning fuel, which costs money. Having it towed to the dealership will cost even more if it’s immobile or breaks down on the road.

A mobile fleet repair service maximizes your repair budget. Their technicians can come to your location and repair or inspect your truck on-site. This also means you can have work done on your lot during off-hours, which can reduce disruptions to your business’s productivity. 

2. Convenient

mobile fleet repairA reputable service can complete most jobs within 24 hours, which can reduce downtime—once they’re done, the truck is ready for use immediately. The mechanic’s attention is fully on your vehicle.

Opting to drive or tow it to a dealership, on the other hand, may result in lengthy wait times. When you have a small fleet, this delay can have a bigger impact on business. 

3. It’s More Personal

Unlike dealership technicians, who likely service many vehicles just once, the technicians at mobile fleet repair services can become intimately familiar with your fleet over time. They’ll conduct regular inspections and pay attention to details a more impersonal service might miss. This could lead to them discovering issues and repairing them before they become serious, like small brake fluid leaks that could eventually lead to brake failure.


If you’re looking to keep your small fleet in optimal shape while saving time and money, contact MCL Mobile Fleet Services, Inc. in Norcross, GA. This family-owned and -operated company employs a team of ASE®-certified technicians who can provide you with a wide array of services, including emergency roadside assistance and repairs for trailers, lift gates, and engines. Additionally, their fully equipped mobile stations allow them to complete over 85% of repairs on-site. For more information about their mobile fleet repair services, give them a call at (470) 321-4147 or visit them online