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4 FAQ About Livestock Feed March 27, 2020

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4 FAQ About Livestock Feed, 4, Tennessee

Growing animals need healthy, balanced diets filled with nutrients. A livestock feed distributor can ensure you get the fresh feed you need for your animals all year long, but you'll also need to do research to ensure you're getting the right products and keeping them fresh. Review the following frequently asked questions to learn more.

Common Questions About Livestock Feed

What should I feed my livestock?

If you can turn your livestock out to pasture, they can eat the grass and other plants that grow naturally on the land. However, while this can help keep the grass in check, it's not as easy to control how much your livestock is eating.

Fodder, or feed given to animals, might include hey, grain, cracked corn, and other dried plants. With this food option, farmers can choose a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet for their livestock.

How should I store feed?

livestock feed distributorsIn general, feed should be stored in a cool, dry place. However, you should ask your livestock feed distributor for recommendations based on what you're ordering. No matter what feed you get, inspect it for mold, pests, insects, or other issues before using it.

How long does feed last?

The longevity of feed depends on the type and the weather. Textured or "sweet" feeds have higher moisture content, giving them the shelf lives of about 45 days during the summer and 60 days during the winter. On the other hand, pelleted feeds last about 60 days during the summer and 90 days during the winter.

Your feed will have an expiration or use-by date on it. Some may even have a "produced on" date that tells you when the feed was manufactured, which can help you determine how long it'll last.

What should I do if I have moldy feed?

Don't give moldy feed to your livestock. If you find your feed is spoiled before its expiration date, contact your livestock feed distributor or retailer and ask about a refund or replacement.


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