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4 Steps to Replace a Window April 1, 2020

Irondequoit, Monroe
4 Steps to Replace a Window, Irondequoit, New York

A broken window can diminish your home’s curb appeal and comfort. You may notice an increase in energy bills as heat and air conditioning leaks out, and larger gaps may let insects in as well. Installation and frame or glass repairs aren’t a complicated process. Follow the steps below and work with professionals to restore your home window.

How to Install a New Home Window

1. Remove the Window

glass-repair-rochesterFirst, cut around the interior window casing with a utility knife. You can then hammer a chisel into the gap and pry the casing from its hold. Do the same on the outside.

You can next use a crowbar or claw hammer to draw out the nails holding the window casing in place. The entire window and casing can then be removed. Cover the opening with a tarp or plywood until you’re ready to reinstall.

2. Get the Glass Fixed

Next, visit a window and glass repair service. They can address a number of issues, including broken glass and sashes, stuck frames, and broken seals. They’ll restore all mechanisms and components so your window will work like new.

3. Prepare the Rough Opening

If the window was damaged from frame warping or if the framing was rotted or broken, you’ll need to repair these issues while you wait for glass repairs. This may mean applying new plywood around the frame or replacing the jamb.

There should generally be 1/4 inches to 3/8 inches of space between the jamb and window casing, so you have room to maneuver when you reinstall it. Handling this process will ensure you’re ready to install the window right away once the repair professionals are finished.

4. Reinstall

The window should fit comfortably back into position. Use a level to make sure that it’s balanced. If there are gaps around the window, press cedar shims into the spots, checking that the window stays level. You can then anchor the casing into the jamb and apply a silicone adhesive around the frame.

Next, fill remaining gaps with insulation. You can then install the sill, molding, and other interior features to hold the window in place. Reapply siding and exterior material and paint around raw areas to fully restore your window.


If you’re looking for glass repair services in the Rochester, NY, area, stop by Black’s Hardware. This family-owned hardware store has served the area since 1948 and carries a large selection of products. To learn about how they will fulfill your glass and window screen repair needs, visit their website. Call (585) 544-9896 to speak with a sales associate.

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